FFVII ….Ahh the memories.

So finally bit the bullet and downloaded the all time classic Final Fantasy VII on the PSN. After an attempt to play it last night (was way too tired and was falling asleep trying) I gave it another bash tonight and it still hasn’t lost ANY of its awesomeness.

This is the game the defined my teen years. I probably would have done better in my exams if it were not for this game. This is the first game that I can recall staying up all night playing (and I still wasn’t out of Midgar).

So far have just saved after 2 hours played after sneaking out of Aeris house. If I remember correctly, next part is dressing up like a girl to save Tifa.

I mentioned that I may be inclined to do some top 5 list…well this is certainly in the list all the all time greatest game/my all time favourites.

If you have never played this before I would seriously recommend.


Just to wet the appitite for you, here is the opening FMV. Enjoy

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