Deep Space Nine. One down, six more to go.

Ok, so being a bit of a trekkie I have started to add Deep Space Nine to the collection and have just finished season 1.

For those who ar not aware of the Star Trek universe, Deep Space Nine was a space station in orbit round the planet Bajor. Originally controlled by the Cardassians until the a Bajoran uprising and the Federation took over the running. After the discovery of a stable wormhole it was moved nearer the entrance to protect it.

When DS9 first started I only ever caught the odd episode on the TV. I could never get fully into it. Not sure how I felt about the closed confinement of the space station set. Being a huge fan of TNG at the time I preferred the going out and exploring, travelling from one planet to another setting. Right off the bat the show had a much darker setting which gave a completely different atmosphere to TNG. But they do combat the isolation of the station they took advantage of runarounds and these were instrumental in the exploration of surrounding planets and the gamma quadrant through the wormhole.

To strengthen the shows status the show started with the Enterprise being docked and Captain Picard making an appearance.The Enterprise also lost Miles O’Brien to DS9 when he was prompted and moved with his family. Along with other recurring characters from TNG including Q and Vash, the Klingon sisters Lursa & B’Etor and Lwaxana Troi.

New characters were introduced including Commander Sisko and his son Jake. A Bajoran Commanding Officer Kira, assigned to be a liaison between the Bajorans and the Federation. Odo, a changling/shapeshifter, in charge of security. Quark, a Fenergi who runs a bar on DS9. Jadzia Dax, a symbiont being in a host body and a starfleet science officer. And Julian Bashir, the stations chief medical officer.

Slow to get started, developing the characters but did pick up near the end. Some memorable episodes including the two part opener ‘Emissary’ where we are introduced to the main cast and we discover the wormhole. ‘Captive Pursuit’ where Chief O’Brien befriends and alien from the gamma quadrant who is being hunt and helps him escape his pursuers and the season finale ‘In the hands of the Prophets’ where the evil Kai Winn tries to cause unrest between the Federation and the Bajorans on the station.

No cliffhanger at the end of the first season, the producers may not have been confident for a second season and may not have wanted it to end with loose ends but a second season was made and that’s in the post. I will give you my thoughts on that when I have finished that.

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